Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Michael Oak Waldorf Annual Fair


I am grateful for all the love, care and community spirit of all parents and staff that has gone in to this years fair that will be on this Saturday.  Our class has been busy crafting all year, butterfly, fairy wings with hand beaded felted centres, crowns, capes, bunny hoods, staffs, wands and wizard sticks.  it’s been hard work but amazing in that such a community all has worked together to contribute to this event which is not only about raising funds for the school.  In addition it helps parents in a class to bond and get to know each other, it is great for the kids in that they see us working together with a common goal and observing us creating things as a team from natural resources, and it brings together (at the fair) a larger community of  people who end up supporting us by buying handmade craft, receiving gifts from of love (be it food, gifts of action (reiki, henna tattoos, massage, etc.) All to  promote care of the environment as well as sustainable living and community living.

Having said all that, I am also grateful that my work sewing 27 bunny, dragon, donkey, bear,mice hoods is done and dusted.  They will sell for R110  and are 100 per cent cotton.


Spain 2013 376Hood samples of 30

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  1. Sounds great having the sense of being part of a bigger community and be part of something that causes so many ripples. Well done on your cute hoods! That is a lot.