Sunday, September 28, 2014

Personal Mantras Etched in Silver

In the silver jewelry workshop I made a ring with my words that just popped into my head at the time, words that I can hang onto when feeling low and words that I can aspire to when feeling good. I didn't add spaces as I just wanted it to look like lots of letters scattered on the ring:

The words on the ring has now become my personal mantras.

  • BREATHE - mindfulness has been a big life changer, the easiest way to get there is through     my breath
  • JOY - always look for it, it's never far away, most often to be found in the simple moments
  • LOVE - feel the love, let the love flow, it's all about love
  • BE - in the moment, in the now, it's all there is
  • WHOLEHEARTED - far from perfect, being vulnerable, open
  • LET GO - let go of expectations and the story surrounding it
  • CREATE - I need to create, it opens me up, it brings me immense energy and joy
  • BRAVE - receiving and giving love requires vulnerability, which requires courage, it's totally worth it
  • WOW - choose to focus on the positives (Wow!) instead of the negatives (Ow!)

The ring is far from perfect but has such huge sentimental value to me. I love wearing it.

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