Friday, December 6, 2013

Living a Great Life

Often when something hurtful happens I go into a tail spin. I start doubting myself, my decisions, my motivation, my inspiration, the purpose of life and sort of feel just like giving up altogether. But I can recognize it now and it is good to know that I am learning to keep facing and moving forward, while spending my time on what matters every day. I wish life experiences never had to hurt and I wish I never felt so sad but I can see how the dark times are really the times that force you to take stock of your choices and if you need to alter your direction. Thought I would share this little piece of wisdom from Gemma Stone

"Living a Great Life means that in everyday moments you show up for your future self. Small, positive changes made every day add up to large changes over time ::

Saying yes to what inspires you and no to what drains you.
Honoring your boundaries.
Finding the community you want to belong to.
Learning from the wisdom of others and sharing your own.
Doing less of what you don’t want to do.
Doing more of what you do want to do.
Cultivating the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that nourish you.  

Nurturing your Great Life isn't selfish; it's a gift you give to yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

As you live your Great Life,you help to tip our world in the direction of more greatness.

Your presence matters".

I am very grateful that inspiration is available whenever I need it. 

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