Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Amy the Boston


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Amy is the new love in my life…. she is our 4 year old Boston Terrier,  we initially adopted her as a companion for Joe our boxer – they don’t play together much but she just slots perfectly into our family…canvas, Joe and her can be found sprawled out on the floor together, chilling out in each others company. 

Its hard to believe that in the 2 week trial of adopting her thru Boston Rescue that I honestly was going to give her back at one point as I felt I wasn't bonding – a lesson in giving things time, well learned in this case. 

Anyway, Julia and I just love her, Nev does too but Joe is still top dog – I am probably her key mum and Julia gets jealous as she wants Amy to follow her everywhere…she is 4 years old and came with the name Amy, which we love and she suits well… I love the fact that she looks like a permanent puppy – her size and face.  She is the new baby in my life and I love how much Julia loves her – even though I think Amy may find it a bit excessive at times, Amy never shows it. 

She is a dog that needs lots of love and companionship and if you have left her for a bit she greets you with what I call her special “baked bean” dance where she bends her body round and wriggles with joy!

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  1. Amy is absolutely adorable, the cutest little face. It's so obvious how Julia enjoys her company, loving and cuddling her! You have to take a video of her baked bean dance.