Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am so blessed



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….to have the family i have…. without them I would be lost and scared and alone.  I was taken to the trauma unit last night.  At 3am i woke up feeling my arm was restricted and my hand further limited in use… Julia happened to be sharing our bed..i made my way to nev in the dark feeling weak in my leg and told him i think we need to go to the hospital….by this stage i was a nervous wreck and shaking so much i couldn't walk and my arm was glued to my chest  i was absolutely paralysed with fear and all i could say was I love you to both of them…and that if  I had to stay there Id want a drawing from her every day  She was adorable and calm in her little nightie and sheepskin slippers .I got a dose of an anxiolytic and soon felt calm again….i’\id had a massive frightening panic attack re my progressing symptoms…but on examination by the Dr there he felt it was best for me to wait this one last day before my MRI and that there were no signs of brain bleeds or any life threatening events.

I cant even begin to imagine that there are souls out there that are alone and have no support  - imagine waking up alone petrified about what's happening to your body.

I love you Nev, I love you Julia – you both give me so much strength, joy, comfort and love

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