Thursday, March 6, 2014

Looking High and Low for Gratitude

I was struggling a bit this morning to find something to be grateful for that really resonated with me. Thankfully I read this post today by Andrea Scher on Superhero Life, Underneath the mess everything is marvelous - I'm sure.

This is an excerpt from her post: "For many years, gratitude practices eluded me. I didn’t feel grateful. I just felt ashamed… for all that I was blessed with and how sad I still felt.
What I was still able to do however was appreciate beauty. And this saved me. Those glittery beads of dew on the grass, the clouds I found in puddles of water, the inside of a dandelion. They saved me from being swallowed up by grief.
When we can catch glimpses into the marvelous, it is a gift. Be on the lookout today. And if you are in a place where gratitude is hard to access, see if you can find some simple beauty. For me, it was the most powerful kind of medicine."

After I read this post this morning I grabbed my camera and went into the garden to look for some beauty. I found joy and smiles and gratitude in Bella's ball, G's picture on the blackboard, flowering basil and tomatoes, light in shadows in my "four agreements" plant, magnificent colourful beads that I am wearing today. 

When I can appreciate beauty, gratitude finds me. And just like that, the whole day seems brighter.

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