Sunday, March 9, 2014

Upside Down House

I am grateful for a untidy house because it means I have a little five year old girl that's playing and creating.

 I am grateful for four loads of washing because it means we have fun, go places and get quite dirty.

 I am grateful for lots of dirty dishes because it means that I am cooking way more than before and that G and I are eating together.

 I am grateful that I have to do most of the housework now because it means that I am now a stay at home mom.

I am grateful for maintenance problems because it means I have a house and a garden and a pool.

I am grateful for G frustrating the living day light out of me at times because it means I have a daughter, and she has her own ideas.

I am grateful for all confrontations in my life because it shows me where I still need to grow.

I am grateful for my life, messy and hard work at times, full of ups and downs, but so very precious.

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