Monday, September 2, 2013

Self Love


Imagine a time when we meet ourselves at the door, with elation, and invite ourselves in, to become reacquainted with this ‘stranger’ who has loved you all of your life. Derek Walcott, Poet

I loved reading this on the net when i was browsing – isn’t it so lovely, the idea of meeting yourself in the street or wherever and to find that this person (you) has loved you all your life regardless of what it is you do or say or know or don’t know.  To have such self acceptance where you can be exactly who you are without worrying about what other people may think but simply just be and take any reactions that may result (or not) as an opportunity for self learning or growth.

The same goes for my health and sense of wellbeing – it just does not make sense to put my self last, on the back burner, fizzing away to nothing.

It is from this day forward that I am focusing on the intention to love myself fully for who I am and to nurture and protect myself when need be.  I took action today by spending the whole day in bed  instead of getting up and forcing myself to do what I should do (art and physio – cancelled both for my wellbeing as well as being honest about my inability to take on more hoods to sew as I have just not got the energy right now)

Here is to loving ourselves and just giving ourselves a damned break!

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  1. Love your post! What a great thought. Good on you for on setting the intention and acting on it. What a great idea to stay in bed and take care of you!