Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bloom True Intuitive Painting

I gave myself a resignation gift of an online intuitive painting course, Bloom True by Flora Bowley. I bought her book Brave Intuitive Painting a few years ago and just loved her style and process. The course is much about life as it is about intuitive painting and was a great fit for where I am in my life and what I have been paying attention too.

The timing would have been perfect if I left the hospital at the end of September as planned but because I stayed on until the end of October together with G's birthday party preparations, I couldn't keep up with the schedule. We do however have access to the course for another six months so I am just going to keep working at it. I have four layers on two canvases at the moment but they are both in the "ugly teenager phase", as Flora calls it. I let G do the first layers with me which was a lot of fun, but when it got to the third layer it wasn't that much fun anymore having her paint her own way. I will do the rest on my own :-)

Here are a few pictures of her doing part of the first layer, really getting into the painting, moving to music, lost in her own world.

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