Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gardening Delights Me


Just as my stoep is my sanctuary, my garden provides me with endless moments of joy, colour and presence.   I use it as my space to visualise pulling out weeds in my mind and head…..and I use it to create magical moments where colours pop and add streaks of paint to ease my eye.  It is another healing haven.  Replacing weeds with life and beauty

Mum and I have been loving gardening,  I’ve chosen wild garlic with their dainty purple flowers, a miniature pomegranate bush, irises, Goura, to name a few….but my favourite I planted 2 evenings ago, with jubes my photographer in tow… by far the beautiful immune booster, most gorgeous…Echinacea.

It’s got to be good for you if you can just look at something and feel so much love and joy.



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