Monday, May 20, 2013

A Nice Kinda Fatigue

I love those days/evenings where I am so tired because I've done so much and am so exhausted that I can slip into bed knowing that I have achieved a lot of good stuff that needed doing and that a good nights sleep is well on its way. It's a great kind of tired!

In addition I am grateful for knowing that just as the moon waxes and wanes, so too do our feelings and emotions - that when we aren't in such great spirits - so too will this change.

I am grateful for having knowledge of childhood wounds so that they don't have as much control over me - that by accepting them, I am dis-empowering them.  A most important piece of my puzzle has emerged from my subconscious, and although it is sad and will be part of me forever, it is welcome as it makes me understand so much about myself and my relationships with others.  Our "buttons" will always be there to press, its just that the pressing of the button won't cause as great a reaction as we practice positive self talk and inner awareness.

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