Thursday, May 30, 2013

The ultimate vegetarian burger

Yes!  I’ve finally found one that actually works for me – texture, taste, everything!  It even has nice thick substance to it.  Its been a long hard hunt with lots of disappointments along the way but here is the link
Absolutely fab and thank you creative pot for the recipe!  I didn’t grind the fennel seeds but just put them in whole and I also added in some fresh fennel herb (not bulb) finely cut up.
I’m grateful for a daughter that will try anything once in terms of food – well anything in life really – but food in this case!  She tried the burgers but didn’t like them much and when I asked her why she said “ummm – I can’t really explain why – I just don’t” BUT she did eat some of the TVP curry that Nev made with peas, raisins and rice.. which lead me on to my next gratitude – I am grateful for discovering early on in my journey of vegetarianism (well 90% of the time) that TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) is NOT the thing for me!

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