Saturday, August 17, 2013

Being on Planet Earth

Today I am grateful just being here, on planet earth, being alive.

There is nothing that scares me more than not being on this planet till G is an adult. However, there is absolutely nothing I can do about ensuring that outcome. Instead I can only take the opportunity to enjoy every moment I have with her. Easier said than done, as I am sure most parents will know. Somehow, I am managing to be grateful more often now, even in the "I'm-too-tired-I'm-not-in-the-mood-for-this-irritated-mode". When I remind myself of what I have to be grateful for, even in the "not so picture perfect moments",  it creates more room for finding joy in the simple things; her playing games in the kitchen while I am cooking, the chat we had last night while she was on the loo, the silly games (pretend I don't know she is on the couch or bed and then sit or lay on top of her), her telling me about her day, when she says thank you and please automatically, reading the bedtime stories.

Just being here today, enjoying most of the times that we spend together, is enough, more than enough.

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