Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Playing with colour

When G and I paint I usually say: "Let's play with colour!"

I absolutely love the intuitive aspect of it. There is no pressure, there is only the tremendous joy of creating. I have learned so much from G while watching her paint because she has no rules or uncertainty, she just dives in, picking up one colour after the other, mixing new ones as she goes along (oh she loves that - we are fortunately at the point where she remembers to take new brushes when mixing so that we don't just end up with brown murky paint!).She usually starts of with a brush and end up painting with her hands. I did the same this week and it felt good to really end the painting by getting in there and getting my hands so dirty.

We did this painting this weekend and it is really growing on me, the vibrant colours, the feel of windows of some sort, the dark corners (was even thinking I should turn it upside down and see what it will look like with the darker parts at the bottom).

She painted alone the first day and just painted a little bit at the top, which we partly painted over again. I really wish I could have videotaped her that day while she was painting, she was singing, making up the words as she went along while almost dancing with the paintbrush in her hand, completely in her own world. It was one of those moments that I would like to remember forever.

We are real recession painters - we are still painting with regular water based emulsion wall paint while also painting over older paintings. I think if I have to use more expensive paint I will be less inclined to allow both of us so much freedom while painting. This also fits in well with my growing awareness of minimalism. I get a kick out of using paint that I have had forever (and seem to be bottomless) and not having lots of paintings that I have to find room for. I now take a picture and move on.

I LOVE PLAYING WITH COLOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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