Sunday, August 11, 2013

Joy and imagination

I am convinced we learn as much from our children as they learn from us. When it comes to pure spontaneous, unedited joy and being in the moment, there can hardly be a better teacher than a preschooler. 

This long Eid weekend we traveled the world, we exceeded the speed limit many times while doing it, we were locked up in the ocean jail, mermaids acted cute and wicked, people were wearing shark suits and sharks were wearing people suits while having tons of laughs on the adventures. 

G also build a house in the living room and moved half her playroom in there. She mixed magic potions and concocted food experiments which of course mom had to taste. It has been a whirlwind of adventure every single day and it has been magical. I just love seeing what she comes up with next. A child's imagination is a beautiful thing.  I am grateful to be a witness.


  1. Babe - you are one of THE best mums in the world! What is your secret for energy?

  2. If only you knew the truth :-) I definitely don't feel like I have energy, I would say I feel a lack of energy most of the time, especially when it comes to parenting.

    I have discovered, at last, that "creating" gives me energy. Only when I create for the sake of creating, really just being in the process. If I attach it to an outcome I am usually disappointed.

    And the same with parenting. Many times I just feel completely overwhelmed about the never ending responsibilities. It's only when I step into the moment with her, and just be there, in that moment, not thinking about how would rather be alone and have some peace and quiet, just being there - going with her into that little moment, that's where the energy comes from - for that moment. And then it ends and it is OK, because he had a pocket in our day where we had a great time, and that is enough, and it takes the pressure off being happy and energized all the time. I am rambling now, but the short answer would be - to be in the moment. It has made parenting so much more enjoyable.