Monday, August 12, 2013

Silence is more Musical than any Song

For me, SILENCE has been my preferred music most of my adult life. And now I understand better why. I really thought there was something wrong with me preferring silence to music. 

I don't like labels but sometimes labels help us to find validation for some aspect of ourselves that we might have been struggling with. 

A label that I fit into well is that of a hypersensitive person (HSP).
The first time I read about it I felt validated and a little bit less strange. I always thought my over sensitivity to especially sounds, sharp light, textures etc. was just one more of my "difficult" traits. Now I know I am just part of the 15-20% of people that have a sensory processing sensitivity.

I have learned to cope better with some sensitivities but it often means I just remove myself from the situation now much sooner and of course I wear my trusted ear plugs.

Interesting that G is very similar. When she makes noise, it doesn't phase her but she will very quickly put her hands over her ears and say:" Mommy, the noise is hurting my ears". I like the fact that she can voice what bugs her.

I am grateful for silence any time of the day. It makes sense that my favourite time of the day is when everybody has turned in for the night, quite inside and outside. It's absolute bliss to be the only one awake, doing whatever I feel like, in complete silence. 

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