Thursday, August 22, 2013

Muesli and health


When I am reminded of my health’s limitations and obstacles, I notice that I have been neglecting my body and mind.  This kick starts me into a health giving nurturing lifestyle that of course has to happen all at once, no bread, no sugar or preserved foods, lots of fresh fruit, some juicing thrown in, very limited alcohol and coffee intake (1 proper brewed a day, NOT up to 3 as I was having!) – so my new favourites are green tea, and my old newly discovered favourites (Cointreau) have to take a back seat.  The exercise regime I am so longing to do is also on pause while my lower back and knee problems are being attended to by physio.

I’ve been meaning to make my own muesli for awhile and found a site with Dr Bircher-Benners recipes on, can’t wait to try them out

PS warm fires are the bomb but wet firewood SOOO isn’t!


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  2. Sounds like an energy giving kick, hope you feel a difference soon.