Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Love for Nature


I went for a walk this afternoon with Julia and Joe in Rondebosch Common – it was so awesome – we took a large yoghurt container along with us as Julia wanted to inspect the tadpoles in the ponds filled by heavy winter rain.  She wanted to go straight to the ponds but Joe was really needing his walk first – I thought I would have a ‘I want to go the ponds now” voice on my hands, but instead she was just so absorbed in the different coloured little flowers along the way, pink little trumpet shaped ones,violet ones, arum lilies, we also were absorbed in finding dandelions and blowing as many wishes as we could.  We found a massive pinecone (that Joe really wanted and I had to hide under my jacket so he couldn’t get it), we also spotted mushrooms and finally came to the ponds and collected and returned numerous tadpoles just for the sheer pleasure of it – it was such a beautiful afternoon – I really wish I had taken my camera for a picture of Julia in her blue sleeveless puffer jacket, pink Wema beanie and gypsy trousers blowing dandelions and picking them! Ahhh a mothers love…and it just keeps growing.  And in addition we came home and with my guidance she cooked a prawn risotto for supper  - she really did – it was the best risotto I have tasted in a long time.

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