Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Klaasvakie is the Afrikaans version of the Sandman. Not sure if the Sandman came to New Zealand or not so I'll tell you about him anyway. Klaasvakie brings good dreams to children by sprinkling magical sand into the eyes of children while they sleep at night. The "sleep" in the corners of one's eyes when waking is the result of his work the previous night.

One of the original folktales Ole Lukøje  was written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1841 and you can read more about the Sandman here.

Klaasvakie is not G's favourite character (she says he bothers her ) because he now calls every night at exactly the same time (I've set my phone alarm because even I need a reminder to keep to the scheduled bedtime and I am moving it in increments over a number of weeks) and there is no negotiating with Klaasvakie. It has made bedtimes so much easier. It seems it easier to listen to Klaasvakie than to mom.

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