Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Internet


Haven’t been on here for an age!

These days I have gratitude for the internet and the vast amount of knowledge it provides us with and can expand our minds with and provide us with eyes to see the most mind-blowing conspiracies in the world we live in – you have got to see this – can get it on u-tube.  Thanks Annie for the passion I felt to follow this stuff up and delve deeper.  I can’t believe these videos, it turns the whole history of our knowledge on wars, religion, and money upside down!

But I also love it for the other comforting info it gives us, providing us with inspiration and joy and energy!  One discovery of late that I still want to delve into more is this.

Sonja have you experimented with all the inks I gave you yet – here is some inspiration, I'm just playing with line drawings etc. now – even if they do come out all tangled up etc. – it looks kind of cool and abstract!

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