Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Bonsie" the little Springbok

Far far away, in the Kalahari desert in southern Africa, there is a little springbok named Bonsie. He is a bundle of energy and loves playing, running and jumping all over the place. His curiosity and creativity know no bounds so he loves learning new things and discovering new places. Most of all he loves to bounce-bounce-bounce all over the vast Kalahari plains.
He also enjoys grazing young tender juicy grasses, drinking crystal clear cool water, napping in the shadow of a big tree, playing with other little Springboks, hanging out with his mom and dad and gazing at the bright wondrous stars.  He doesn't like sleeping much and his mother needs to beg him to sleep almost every single night..........

Bonsie's name means "bouncing". We often make up stories about him, usually when we driving somewhere. G will often say:" Tell me a story about Bonsie, Mommy". Somehow the principle of the story usually relates to us and more specifically to her in some way.

One of the most touching Bonsie moments were when I sensed she was going through a tough emotional time  related to the separation of her dad and I, round about Christmas time . She just didn't seem to be herself and wasn't as happy and carefree as usual for about a two week period. We were driving to a friends place and she was quiet in her car seat and then I told her a story about Bonsie. I started off with the gifts Bonsie received for Christmas and ended up with the biggest gift was when his mom and dad told him how much they loved him and how they will always be there for him whenever he needs them. When I finished there was a long silence and then she said in the faintest voice:" Will you and daddy do that for me? Will you always be there for me?" I just about cried. When we stopped at Charmaine's place she was happy again and I could sense that a big weight has shifted off her shoulders.

Thank you Bonsie for being in our lives.

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