Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Swimming Summer Days

It is full on summer now, the last three weeks have been more than 46 degrees Celsius. It is kind of awful. It is draining and tiring.

BUT we have many reasons to be grateful for during another scorching summer in the Arabian desert:

  1. It is Ramadan, which means shorter working hours = more time at home.
  2. We spend all our afternoons in the pool, at the minimum 3 hours = soothing water, tons of exercise and wild imaginary play. 
  3. G has gone "goggle-less", she can now swim without goggles, opening her eyes underwater. 
  4. Dreaming big = G wants to move our whole house into the swimming pool, the beds, the kitchen, the bathroom, the fridge, the computer and unfortunately the TV.
What's not to love about this summer???????

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