Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Beading and Life Lesson from a Preschooler

G wanted to make a beaded necklace from a gift she received. When we opened it up we saw the beads had very tiny holes but had to be strung onto ribbon with no needles or any other appropriate device or suggested techniques to make the process any easier. My mom and I immediately said this will never work.

G immediately got engrossed in trying to thread the ribbon through the beads, while I was trying to figure out a better plan.  To my surprise she managed to get beads onto the ribbon. When I asked her how on earth she managed that and she replied: "I just tried again and again Mom. That's all you have to do Mom, just try again and again".

Grateful for another valuable lesson in perseverance from my preschooler.
G's challenging beaded necklace

P.S. Due to an extreme turn in the weather in the preschooler's emotional world, she would not pose with the necklace on. PATIENCE, BREATHE, PATIENCE, BREATHE, PATIENCE, BREATHE..................
Hopefully the weather will change sooner than later, hope it is sooner.

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  1. oh very gorgeous - very well constructed i must say xoxoxo