Tuesday, June 18, 2013


A great life lesson book is "If Life is Game, these are the Rules", by Cherie Carter-Scott. I had several Ah-hah moments when I first read this book and life reminds me often enough to heed the rules the advice.

This morning G and I had a wobbly morning mostly because she woke up way too early, full of energy but an hour later she was tired and a bit difficult. One of my lessons, that keeps popping up throughout motherhood, is one of PATIENCE. Sometimes I have to step away first and go to a place where I can go harvest some. This morning I opted to do yoga before returning to the scene. We both recovered well with me being patient but firm. We ended up taking a relaxing candle lit bath together before work and greeting the sun, thanking it for rising this morning. A "wobbly" morning turned into a "sunny" day. That is something to be grateful for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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