Friday, June 14, 2013

There’s nothing like…


…a child’s authentic, uninhibited, free, vibrant and totally innocent art.

Julia made a paper doll with the most vibrant and rich crayons and I absolutely loved it and asked her to draw me another one that wasn’t cut out, to frame  - In the end I framed both – we framed them together and she watched that whole process of cutting mounting board, taking the staples out of the old framed picture, re-taping it, etc. 

Anyway, I love both of them, so one is in our bedroom upstairs and the other is downstairs on our ledge with all our photos in the lounge.

I love the way those 2 pictures light up morning/day when I look at them – the burst of joy they give me is awesome!  I love the rainbow colours in them!

This is the first one which was cut out and that I really love.

julias pics 003   

This is the next one which is in our room, the cute thing was the legs to one side.  I don’t think she really noticed that until I was hanging it on the wall and she said “Mummy, that doll is sitting on a chair”. I thought this was so clever as when you look at it, it does have that optical illusion, don’t you think?

julias pics 007

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! You are right the rainbow colours and the big smile is a definite mood lifter. Love the the details on the first one, hair clip, sparkly shoes, the dress pattern. What's not to love about children's art?