Thursday, June 20, 2013

Count and Breathe

One of the practices that remained with me after the Yoga Trek in Nepal that we took in March 2012 is to count backwards from 37 to 0 while paying attention to my breathing, not manipulating it, just paying attention to it. If I loose track of the numbers, I have to start again at 37. I manage to complete the counting from 37 to 0 in one go now, and when I struggle it is usually a sign that the mind monkeys are chattering too much. This is a great practice to lull the noisy troop into a deep sleep (I am grateful if they just settle on taking a nap as well). I do this several times a day now when I need a break, refocus or chill and take a step back. I also do it once G has fallen asleep (maybe it is silent prayer that I am thankful that I've survived another day of motherhood and all it's challenges :-)

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