Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Garden Full of Life

As you must have gathered we have quite a few rats around our place. Summer is the worst time because they feed on the dates and we often see them in the trees. It is a bit creepy. Occasionally one gets into the house which really freaks me out. We have been noticing for a few weeks that Bella is patrolling and sniffing around the pool so my father took a hosepipe to try and flush out the rat behind the pool pump. To his surprise the rat and three newborns appeared.  The mother ran away but tried to return for her babies. This all happened when I was at work and I nearly had a heart attack when G came strolling into the kitchen with the baby rats while I was unpacking the groceries!

The rat triplets

We felt so sorry for her we just couldn't get it over our hearts to get rid of the babies so we put them in an empty butter container and left them there overnight. The next morning the babies were gone. I hope they survived but I hope I don't see her or her babies any time soon.

My gratitude today is for a small garden which is full of life if you pause to look. We have a dove nesting in one tree and the babies have hatched because we picked up the egg shells. We have lots of gecko's, tiny spiders, lots of ants and unfortunately a few rats. G is very interested in all of them and has a zillion questions about all the critters. Her only disappointment is that she can't pick all of them up.

A baby gecko

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