Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blissful Day at Home

Just had the most awesome Saturday. We spent most of the day in the pool, G had 3 swimming sessions, all in all close to 6 hours. The last time she got into the pool at 18h30 with my mom, she shouted: " I love swimming!" It was just such a relaxing, joyful, laid back day full of special moments. From the pool we watched the baby pigeons in the palm tree asking for lunch. As we were finishing our morning swim a sparrow came darting past G and I more than ten times trying to drink water from the pool, and it came extremely close to us, I thought the bird was a young teenager because his flying skills were not the best, he nearly flew into us several times. G is swimming underwater like a little fish, when she has her flippers on she is literally darting from one side to the other. Amazing to see her so confident in the water. She was in such a happy place the whole day, even though she said this morning that she didn't have a "bounce" in her step today.

I just felt so grateful for my happy lovable little "kabouter", our garden and the pool, especially now during summer, it is such an oasis in this scorching heat. We will live in the pool for at least another two months.

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  1. sounds awesome would have loved to see the underwater fish darting around