Friday, June 7, 2013

A Public Holiday

I'm grateful for a public holiday spent at home;
  • I slept till 7H30 
  • Had an alien juice (green juice)
  • Made collages with G, Ouma and Oupa
  • Did a few projects around the house. I put a extra railing in G's wardrobe so that she can reach her dresses and she just loves it. She helped by holding the level, making the marks and turning in the screws. When she finished she said: "Oupa is going to be so proud of me"
  • Had a looooonnnngggg shower
  • Painted the cork boards white. Will put it up in the art room exhibiting her creative endeavors
  • G and Oupa painted a rhinoceros which looks like a piggirafferhinosaurus
  • Had a refreshing swim
  • G had her shower in the garden after the swim
  • Had BBQ Leftovers for dinner (NZ lamb chops, yum), easy peasy
Oupa and G with their Piggirafferhinosaurus

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