Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Art Room

A space to create......... not that one needs a specific space but the art room has made painting and crafting more accessible on a regular basis. I read somewhere that your house should reflect what you love and what brings you joy and although it's a no-brainer, it was just the spark I needed to create this room. The supplies are on hand, we can make a mess, we can do what we want really.

I love silence (or if not silence at least no talking) and when G and I are in there we both get quiet, we get engaged in what we are doing while she hums or sings softly, which I absolutely love.

I'm grateful for our art room and all that we experience there; the freedom, the joy, the silence, the humming, the togetherness, the separateness, the energy, the many times we just play with color. It's a blank canvas (or recycled one), a fresh palette of colours and freedom to just be.

"Art doesn't have to be joyful to create joy, as long as it stirs in you a wonderful feeling about being alive. 
- Elaine Aron"

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